Samstag, 31. Januar 2009

vans collabos...

it´s enough, isn´t it???

(and i left out the sip-on versions!!)

Freitag, 30. Januar 2009

I am officially obsessed...

.. with these things currently

this show is so lame, it's almost amazing. Watching blonde girls doing (fake) internships at TeenVogue, being nothing but dramaqueens, who have nothing better to do than going out in L.A.'s clubs and restaurants. If I should ever make to L.A. again, I already know the best places for dinner.

yeah I don't cry about the split-up of DFA 1979 anymore. I found Does it offend you, yeah?

mhhh best hot chocolate ever, besides Swiss Miss. If you live in the states, please send me some with the extra portion marshmellows.

Yeah, I'm still not over him yet.

Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2009

journal der jugendkulturen for free

the 13th issue of the Journal der Jugendkulturen (journal of youth cultures) of the Archiv der Jugendkulturen e.V. in Berlin was released on thier homepage for free download.

themes are about
- history of electonic music in great britain
- visual kei
- berlin metal
- death metal made in germany

download it here, please. and enjoy reading...

Plan B tomorrow night

Get out of your hood and get into the bar, cause Matthew Adams and I are going to play some good music. And don't forget your dancing-shoes.

Casting for war

The American army is casting Arabian people in Germany again.
So if you ever wondered how it would be to live in Iraq these days feel free to go to one of the castings in Bremen, Hannover, Wolfsburg, Nürnberg or Cologne. You'll get paid 90-130 € for playing a resident of a village in Iraq. Become a cop, a coffee-shop owner or whatever.
But sorry, no cellphones, no cameras, no computers allowed.
Yeah, you knew there was something, right?

war casting

Dienstag, 27. Januar 2009

the job dilemma

for me this year is the year of healthiness.
so i first got my eyes controlled and now i have to wear glasses from time to time. remember? i posted that some days ago.
then i bought footbed-insoles for my vans and chucks. did i ever mention my age??
and next month i have an appointment for a blood count.
now i have to think about the next, gynecologist...
i can say that at the end of the year my body is checked through and is ready for his third decade.
but what about the emotional health?
in this case i wasn´t inactive as well.
first i bought bath salts and now i take a bath once a week.
i also stopped hearing this agressive music exclusively. thanks at this point to german kleinigkeit for the new mixtape. so let more emotional feelings and relaxing moments come to my daily life.
but what hurt me last year most was my future. ok, some of you might say that there was another little problem as well...äh yes, that´s right. but it´s not to mention in this post. ;)
the best decicsions i made this year so far were first: i dropped my diploma thesis-theme. i worked for months on the old one but this sunday i came to the point to say stop. there were too many dead-ends. this week i´m looking for a new one. I´m feeling eased...and i can´t say how great this feeling is. the second decision was to turn my focus when thinking about my work and job in the future after finishing university. the last year i searched despairingly for a job position or an aim like that. something to finish university for. that is not really easy when making the dilploma in sociology. but now my focus is on the place where i like to work, the city and the attitude to life i like to have then.
in my associaton i have to wear sunglasses when going to work all the year round. i can smell the sea on this way to work and see it after walking a few minutes through the city.
the picture in my mind is so wonderful that my motivation for graduation is higher than ever.
the moral from all of this is that you can change nearly your hole life just by changing your point of view, your focus and your attitude towards something. it´s a lang way you have to go but everything will be good at the end. it sounds more melodramatic as i wanted it to, sorry. :)

Montag, 26. Januar 2009

Monkey Fixtape Vol II

I know it took us a while to do another tape, but we finally did it.
Vol II just got finished and you're first to enjoy this piece of music.
If you like it, let us know. If you don't.. I guess we don't give a shit then.

Funky Cold Moped

DJ Harzan


Read, write, watch Pt. V

Yesterday night it was "Things to do in Denver" which is actually one of my favourite movies ever. Christopher Walken is god, you know it.
And if you're German you might have realized that German titles of American movies are sometimes so ridicioulus, you don't know if you should rather laugh or cry about it. Why do people not just take the orginal title and translate it?
But in this case the German title is actually much better than the American title "Das Leben nach dem Tod in Denver" sound way more dramatic than "Things to do in Denver".
Whatever: If you're into gangster movies, watch this one.
Andy Garcia
Christopher Walken aka God
Christopher Lloyd
Steve Buscemi

Freitag, 23. Januar 2009

Kommt und streicht mein Boot.

Sorry, non-German-speakers will miss this one out.
I found a mixtape a few days ago with the best DJ Koze song EVER on it.

Donnerstag, 22. Januar 2009

Read, write, watch Pt. IV

Tonight: Top Gun... again. I love watching Tom Cruise playing one of his best roles: a Macho-asshole. But in this movie he's a macho with a plane and guns AND a motor-cycle.. yaay! Mhh, I'm kinda running out of movies here. Somebody wanna help me out?
Whatever, one of my favourite quotes is from Top Gun (and I'm not telling which one, try to find out yourself), plus it has one of the best songs by Kenny Loggins on the soundtrack (OK, has Kenny Loggins ever written more tracks than Footloose and Highway to the dangerzone?).

But there's still one song on the soundtrack that makes me wanna throw up the second I hear it. Yes, right. Berlin-Take my breath away. Würgspotzkotz. And as I'm watching the video clip for that song I'm really wondering how anybody could make out with Tom Cruise even if it's just for a movie.. disgusting.

Well at least there's lovely Meg Ryan looking pretty as always.. in the 5 minutes she's in the movie..

Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2009

Dear Robert Pattinson

I'm at work, holding an old issue of the InTouch in my hand, and reading an interview with you in which you say "There was no girl who wanted to go out with me."
Mr. Pattinson, I'm not buying it.
If you weren't that young and wouldn't be such a creep and stalker (which you obviously are if it comes to Kristen Stewart)I would definitly go out with you.
Just saying.

Yes, we can.

So the Cowboy's back in Texas and the former social worker is in the game.
Which means he wants to close down Guantanamo and set some of the prisoners free, others will be taken to court in the states (and hopefully get the same rights as anybody else would) and some.. yeah with some people they are not sure what to do with them.
Well Mr. President it really seems to me you are the person who has to clean up the mess which got left behind.

Plus no more troops in Iraq in the next 16 months.
BUT what about Afghanistan? I mean, you wanna send more troops there and want European military to get more involved?
That's a thing I still don't get: Why do you think you can fight terrorism with war?
Doesn't make any sense to me.

dedicated to some special friends *love*

Simply knowing you exist ain't good enough for me
But asking for your telephone number
seems highly inappropriate

Seeing as I can't
even say "hi"
when you walk by

And that time you shook my hand it felt so nice
I swear I never felt this way about any other guy
and I don't usually notice people's eyes but

I conducted a plan
To bump into you most accidentally
but I was walking along
and I bumped into you
much more heavily than I'd originally planned.
It was well embarrassing and
I think you thought that I was a bit of a twat

I just think that we'd get on
I wish I could tell you face to face
instead of singing this stupid song
but yeah I just think that we might get on

So I went to that party
everyone they're kind of arty
And I was wearing this dress
'cause I wanted to impress
But I wasn't sure if I look my best
'cause I was so nervous
But I carried on regardless
strutting through each room
trying to find you

And when I saw you kissing that girl
My heart, it shattered
and my eyes, they watered
and when I tried to speak I stuttered

And my friends were like "Whatever,
you'll find someone better,
his eyes are way too close together
and we never even liked him from the start.
And now he's with that tart,
I heard she'd done some really nasty stuff
down in the park with Michael.
He said she's easy
and if your guy's with someone that sleazy
then he ain't worth your time
cause you deserve a real nice guy"

So I proceeded to get drunk and cry
and I locked myself in the toilets the entire night

Saturday night, I watched Channel 5
I particularly liked CSI
I don't ever dream about you and me
I don't ever make up stuff about *us*
that would be considered insanity

I don't ever drive by your house to see if you're in
I don't even have an opinion on that tramp
that you still see

I don't know your timetable
I don't know your face off by heart
but I must admit that there *is* still a part of me that thinks
we might get on
That we could get on
That we should get on

Dienstag, 20. Januar 2009


today i got my new glasses. my first ones...YES i´m officially old now.

and when i´m not dizzy anymore life continues...

Montag, 19. Januar 2009

Read, write, watch Pt. III

I'm about to start my everyday studying session and just decided to watch Fargo this time. It was a hard decision between (Munich, which I couldn't find), Blood in Blood out, and Rocky I. Btw I watched Before Sunset and Before Sunrise the last couple of times.. let me tell you: boring as fuck, which means it didn't distract me from learning at all. Yeah I guess I'm just not the romantic kind of girl who likes movies like that. Whatever.

And hey, the funny thing Mike and I found out about Fargo: the scene in which the blonde guy always wants Steve Buscemi to stop somewhere so he can have Pancakes.. in the german overdubbed sequence he says he wants Cornflakes. Why did they change it into Cornflakes? Any ideas?

Who are you?

Every once in while I go grocery shopping at my favourite Chinese Place at the Kesselbrink. Not really because they have extraordinary stuff there, but because of this old man who's working there and it always brings a smile on his face when he sees me. So I went there today to get some Korean Tofu, Curry Paste, Hot Sauce, Chilis etc. and he was smiling at me as always telling me I do look younger every time he sees me (wohooo, but I still get pissed when someone wants to see my ID when I buy cigarettes), and asking what I'm doing these days. Told him I'm studying for my final exams and he was like "Wow, so you're almost done with school, here have a fortune cookie for the examination."
And if you know me you can tell that I couldn't wait to open it, so I just did it. And it says "An influential person will soon enter your life."
So what does that mean? Does it mean I'll meet the man of my life in the next weeks, or does it mean I will get arrested by some cops cause I vandalized drunk in the streets of Bielefeld? Mhhhh.
I'll let you know.

the taste of german luxury

question: what does a typical german do when he wants some kind of ghetto-luxury in this life?
answer: he creates a curry sausage with gold and sells it in a noble chippy in Paderborn called THE CURRY COMPANY.

you can buy this wonderful creation for just 8 euros...WHAT???

apart from that insanity just check the advertising on this page!

isn´t it weird to promote a sausage with sex and caviar?


@ german kleinigkeit: like to have some buisness lunch there?

Samstag, 17. Januar 2009

good morning folks!

i´m in love with this...

now i´m setting out for work. anyone in need of new shoes, shirts or a board?

Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2009

souls for sale ***new video***

today the new video of one of our favorite local-hardcore-party-bands "souls for sale" went online.
i know i should write a few lines of band-information. but...i´m not feeling able to do so.
all i can say is that we are always having a good party with them.
you know why after watching...

Souls For Sale (11/22/08) from soulsforsale on Vimeo.

ps: i´m in love with bassist´s knee-high-socks.

visit these guys on myspace, please. you will find fireworks, music, fun and many more.


normally it goes like this:
girl meets boy. girl catches boy. and then...
..."darling you need new shoes!"
..."baby, i bought a new perfume for you. you will like it."
..."sugar, i saw some trousers, maybe you try it on. just for me?"
girls want to change their boy-friends. in every way you can imagine.
apart from the fact that this female behavoir is completly bullshit, i´m gonig to try it the other way round. i got everything else...but the guy.
i got the style: emerica, altamont and stuff like that
i got the hobbies: playing in a punk- or hardcore-band and skateboarding or just one of these
and finally i also got the perfume: chanel egoiste!! i´m not really sure why, but i love it. it´s that kind of perfume just tough guys can boys. hell yeah!

Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2009

Yum yum

See you on the dancefloor on Saturday, your girl is finally going out again!

we want you!....for gherkins

as i came home yesterday i was welcomed by some battle-noises in our flat. there was a war going on.
my flatmates new speakers had arrived that day. and so conan or rambo or the terminator was send out from two of my flatmates to save the human nature and to protect our flat from all kind of silence.
to find some place of peace i went to the kitchen...and found...white cabbage...all over the floor...and my third flatmate. she is, to make it simple, a russian girl. and had made her first sauerkraut.
the kitchen had an easy but penetrant odor of vinegar. but who could be peeved at her for this when looking in her proud and happy face??
she also told me then that she had bought new glasses for the sauerkraut to seep in.
a short glace in the frigde told me what kind of glasses she bought: gherkin glasses.
so we are having now hundreds of gherkins wainting for us...(AND FOR YOU!)
i´m going to ask a friend of mine. at the moment she is up into selfmade spreads...perhaps she knows some with gherkins.

Dienstag, 13. Januar 2009

Read, write, watch Pt. II

So for tonights studying session I chose "Raging Bull" to be my background entertainment, cause I love boxing movies (for some reason and I don't even know why), plus it's a Scorsese film.. PLUS Robert DeNiro as LaMotta.

P.S.: I managed so watch "Mean Streets" without falling asleep for the first time. Turned out the story isn't that boring as I first thought. But still... Robert DeNiro's overdubbed voice is freaking me out.
At least the soundtrack is OK.... what is it with me and soundtracks lately?

Dear Indie-Kids

this is what you have been waiting for the whole time.
Convoj released their debut album on Dec. 10th... Go grab it.. you might wanna wear your disco scarf while listening to this music.


I'm gonna be there with bells.

Montag, 12. Januar 2009

The Vatikan always knows best

So scientists of the Vatikan just found out that birth control is polluting our enviroment. As they say women who use birth control release tonnes of hormones into nature..

Uhm.. yeah. Dear people of the Vatikan, what the hell do you think you are doing when you have steak, chicken ore spareribs for dinner? Eating nothing but hormones, idiots!

Sonntag, 11. Januar 2009

Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2009

Can anybody

please tell me to get back to my fucking books and scripts and not to hang around on youtube, watching räp videos?


I has it, and Mark Hype too

Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2009

Dienstag, 6. Januar 2009

read, write, watch.

If it comes to me and studying I have a stupid habit that I just can't get rid of. I always watch movies while reading and/or writing. Yesterday it was Marie Antoinette again with beautiful Kerstin Dunst as the Queen of France. And I don't know why I didn't really pay enough attention to the soundtrack before, but the music in the movie is actually pretty amazing.
Check it out. It includes Gang of four, Air, New Order, The Cure, The Radio Department, Squarepusher...

Montag, 5. Januar 2009


Alanis did dance music back in 1991?

But I know one more person who wasn't always cool if it comes to music... robyn might do an amazing job these days with

but just a few years ago she could have been one of the singers in ace of base

not cute at all. sorry.

Sonntag, 4. Januar 2009

Hello global warming?!

Where are you? Could you please come to my City, cause I'm sick and tired of this snow chaos outside. If I could, I wouldn't even leave the house tomorrow.
Plus I'm preparing myself for at least one emergency room visit, cause we all know if it comes to snow, ice and walking.. I totally suck. My knees are already nothing but scars.