Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2009

Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2009

In love with Freestyle Magazine

some days ago i found the Freestyle Magazine.

it´s about art, design, photography, achitecture, music and lifestyle. it´s round in shape so that it fits in a frisbee-disc.
AND each issue will be released with a frisbee designed by famous artists oder designers.
the first issue comes with the Eley Kishimoto “Mold 10” Wham-O sports disc (whatever this means)!

i ordered one and will not sleep anymore till it has arrived safely.

and here a little commercial...

Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2009

shredded shirts

I've been working on mine for a week now. I'll probably be finished when the trend is oooover.

If you think that H&M is much too cheap for you...

... then there's an alternative you might wanna try. COS is a partner of H&M established in 2007, following a very different fashion style and concept than you used to know from H&M.
If you have a chance to check out stores in Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, France, Netherlands and Spain.. do it!
I have to admit that some of the stuff is too.. let's say 'grown up' for me.. but I like some of the autumn and winter campaign items:

what to bring if you visit friends overseas

If you got a friend overseas and you're about to visit him you might know that kind of conversation:

"yeah, you gotta bring me some chocolate when you come visit."
"ok, what kind do you want? Milka, Lindt or Ritter Sport?"
" I don't care, just bring me the good stuff."


So I'll be hunting for Schokolade next week, looking for stuff like this: