Donnerstag, 30. April 2009

girls for president!

do you thing women are not enough into politics? it´s mainly a men-thing?
do you think women are more into arts and crafts?
le´ts combine these two things and get...

on subversive cross you get a free obama pattern with any order. i think it´s great isn´t it?
let´s form a creative-political-handcraft group.

Mittwoch, 15. April 2009

Dienstag, 14. April 2009

Dienstag, 7. April 2009

uuuhh...i did it again...

oh fuck. yersterday i bought it.
i was, no i AM in love. but...fuck!!!
you know that? a jacket, shoes, see it, you love it, it´s a must have. regardless of which price!!
now i´m sick.
my love is a short cut leather jacket. perfect for all my skate-shop-t-shirts, because they get some kind of elegant note with it. you can wear it with baggy or skinny jeans, tops, shirts.
but the price!!!
last night i sorted out my wardrobe and selected all the stuff i could sell to balance out this financial disaster.

Sonntag, 5. April 2009

dove and the real truth about beauty

perhaps you remind the first posters of a dove campaign of some lotion with "real" women on advertising columns?

some time ago i found the link to the dove real beauty-campaign . on this homepage you can inform yourself about the practices of the beauty industry and the negative impacts on society.
mainly adressed are young girls who are most influenced by advertising of the beauty industry or other stuff in the media.

if you like check it out. among the serious messages there are lots of fun stuff as well.

here are two films of the campaign i like:

Freitag, 3. April 2009

I need a break...

... and some good music. So I'll see you at the Tar... feathers show tonight, right?

Donnerstag, 2. April 2009

i´m in love with lagerfeld

i´m not a real good friend of mr. lagerfeld. but this bag ist awesome!!
there could be any other person on this bag, it would be wonderful.
but in his case his narcistic personality comes to the point.

today im going to start a new research-project...strictly academic of course!
it´s about the definition of beauty in women´s magazines in germany. so get ready for other wonderful informations and pictures like this one above.

Wanna meet my friends?

Maybe you noticed, that I added 2 webpages/blogs to our linklist. And maybe you wonder now who those people are.
So here's a little introduction:

Kevin Berger is a very talented tattoo artist from Duisburg, who is currently working at Blue Harvest Tattoo/Bielefeld, the shop I always get tattooed at.
You already saw some of his work, cause he did the wolf I posted here. So if you wanna get some work done on your skin maybe you wanna take a look at his stuff... just klick on the link kevinbergertattoo or visit

The next person I want you to meet is a very dear friend of mine. Her name is Franzi, she's a very talented hairstylist, who was working for Wella for 3 years in Hamburg and now returned to her Hometown, which is kinda great cause she can take care of my hair again;)
Plus she's also doing photography now and is writing a blog about fashion, hairstyles, music. Check out her page frina.somethingnice.

Ok, I'm out of here. Enjoying spring weather and stuff...

Just in case you haven't heard

Our favourite Räpper Casper just signed to Selfmade records, dropped a single with Kollegah and Favourite and has MTV rotation now.

If you wanna know what I think about it: His part is cool.. the rest kinda sucks.. sorry. But I've never been into Kollegah and just the whole Selfmade thing. And you can keep on telling me those guys have a great technique if it comes to Räp.. I don't care, it just sounds stupid to me.
Plus: everytime I watch a German Räp Video it always reminds me of my ex boyfriend from the US, when he was watching that Sido Video "Mein Block" years ago and was asking "Is he being serious?"
Deutsch-Räp, mein liebstes Sorgenkind.